Doing Business in the New Normal

The lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic is slowly being eased and the economy is starting, but until when? This is the New Normal, your business needs to transform digitally for your business to succeed. Majority is trying to transform digitally by using Facebook. You can see it in the number of new FB pages for online businesses. Personally, I receive around 5 FB page invites per day. But operating a business is not just creating your product and an FB page. You do not even know if your target market is in FB, or in IG, or on YT. Social Media is just a Marketing Tool, how do you convert the likes to actual sales.

That is not all, even a sole proprietor have to do the different functions seen in large corporations (Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR, Operations, Administration, etc.). And lastly, do not forget the requirements for government compliances, Intellectual Property, Data Privacy, etc..

Do you know that less than 0.7% of businesses survive beyond 5 years? I think this is much less during the Covid-19 Pandemic. So even before you register your business, plan and prepare. It is harder to close a business than to register a new one. I learned that painful lesson the hard way.

Do not worry, SMEpinoy is here to assist you by providing knowledge and services to help businesses succeed in the New Normal.

Business Insights

Negosyo Pantry

Everybody is affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot was forced to start a business to replace their income lost. As part of SMEpinoy’s advocacy to help MSMEs succeed in the New Normal we are offering Negosyo Pantry, a free webinar on how to manage your business during the pandemic. Please feel free to watch …

Business Sanctuary

The lockdown due to theCovid-19 pandemic has affected the source of income of the majority of Filipinos. Businesses are either closing or slowing down. If a lot of businesses are retrenching, it will be hard to find a job. That is why a lot of people are setting up their own business being their only viable option.

Online Selling

Due to the pandemic, people are exploring online businesses, by now they are experiencing the struggles. Selling online is more than just creating an account at Lazada or creating a Facebook page.

SMEpinoy will train and tool you on how to sell online.

Digital Divide Phils.

Unemployment rises! Student population drops! Businesses close!  These are today’s headlines… and there isn’t any quick fix to solve this but we need to start somewhere and act fast.