CH 3c : Data Privacy

I am revitalizing my 2020 article into a video.

Below is my article in 2020:

Before anything, I would like to apologize for the long hiatus in my articles. I lost a very special person in my life and am actually still grieving. Writing became more a struggle when you are sad. But while searching for a video to promote our new product Data Security Consulting (http://agentisconsult.com/new-normal/data-security/), I stumbled into something that even a seasoned techie like me was shocked. I was forced to at least write about this discovery. Initially I thought the data being collected was simply the data you post in your social media account and the indoctrination were simple digital marketing. The Artificial Intelligence was more advanced than I knew.

Psychographics, the first time I learned of the word is the game changer. Mass advertising for me is still tolerable through influencing by bombardment or shotgun approach. But when you can already zoom in to the psychology of an individual and surgically target the matching niche advertising this is already the realization of the Matrix and V for Vendetta level of indoctrination. It is hard to explain my fear, but as a Martial law baby, I have a phobia to dictatorship and government control. Psychographics can lead to brainwashing without my knowing it. If you are a techy and would want to learn more how they do it, please proceed to view the next video and get a nose bleed.

This video was posted in 2016, now I am not so sure if the choices I made are my own or am I already mind controlled. Although I knew Cambridge Analytica operated in the Philippines, I dared to Google, “Cambridge Analytica Philippines” and this is what i got.

At risk to be called crazy or a conspiracy theorist, my advise…Be afraid…Be very afraid…

Joke only! I want to make this article to be an eye-opener of your Data Rights and teach how to protect your Facebook Privacy:

and lastly…Be afraid…Be very afraid…