Welcome to ECQ Part 3 – How are you coping?

Although they have been warning us to watch out when COVID has variants, I taught it was something just like the Beta Variant. But the Delta Variant caught me off guard, I did not see something like this coming. After one year and 5 months welcome to ECQ part 3. So how are you coping? How is your income? Although some are lucky to still be earning, but the majority are trying to survive. How can you earn during the lockdown?

Have you been vaccinated? I remember one of the stories I read in Social Media, there was an Anti-vaxxer being wheeled into the ICU and begging. Please give me the vaccine, I will take it now, whatever it is. The nurse sadly said, sorry now is too late. So please get vaccinated.

How about your personal life? How are you coping during the pandemic? For this ECQ, which I doubt will just be two weeks, I invite you to watch this video

Hope the video made you rethink about priorities, something to reflect on during the lockdown.

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