Philippines Economic Outlook 3Q20 by Kaye Riguer (https://www.facebook.com/kayeriguer)

ECONOMICS : Philippines during the pandemic.

Official figures and stats. These are very interesting to see. Used these slides for the interview/presentation this dawn.

Key points :

* From -16.5% growth in the Q2; it is recovering, -11.5% in the Q3.

* Agriculture sector remained positive all throughout.

* Manufacturing and Export are now reporting stable recovery.

* Unemployment rate is improving.

* The number of online businesses skyrocketed. The figures surprised us too! Crazy surge!

* Check out the last slide. This year stirred it a bit, but potential is there.

We got to compare the situation here with the situation in Norway and Europe in general. Europe is having 2nd wave now, so we have to be careful to avoid going through what we went through mid of the year.

Got some help with these. I feel so blessed to have someone ridiculously smart and utterly supportive.

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